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Related post: Date: Sun, 29 Dec 2002 16:27:57 -0800 (PST) From: Kirk Landers Subject: Relationships part 2Copyright and Disclaimer: 1. This is a porn teen suckers fictional story with fictional characters. 2. No one is to steal this story under any circumstances 3. This story deals with relationships and not sex, so if you're looking for a story with alot of sex in it. This isn't the story for you.Well, hope everyone is enjoying horney and underage it so far. Here is part 2."EX MARKS THE SPOT" ****ALEX****"That's my ex-boyfriend." Ray saidI looked at him with shock then looked back as his ex-boyfriend walked through the door, through the hall way and into the living room of Ray's apartment."That's your ex-boyfriend?" I teen porn rape videos asked quietly looking at his ex, who was very attractive. 5'11 he had dark hair and brown eyes teen bbs underage like me."Hello." His ex said brazilian teen sex walking into the living room."What are you doing here? I didn't even know you lived in California anymore." Ray asked"Well, I came back and I heard of this get together you were having and thought it might be nice to see you all again." his ex said"How did you hear about this get together?" Ray asked"Thomas told me." he nude young teen boys ex underagenaked replied"Thom?" free amateur teen porn Ray asked looking at Thom"I didn't know he would show up. I free black teen sex ran into him today and he asked how you were doing and I said that you're seeing someone and that we were meeting him at your place tonight." Thom said"Well, what does it really free email teen porn matter how I found out?" free teen porn vouyer he ex said porn teen big "I'm here now. The party can really start.""Get out of here Jeff." Ray said"Ray, this is me you're talking to here." Jeff said"What's going on?" David said coming up to me."I'm not girls teen porn too sure." I replied"Are teen porn toons you the new boyfriend?" Jeff asked looking at me"Yes." I replied"Nice to meet you." Jeff said"Like wise." I replied putting on freeadult teen porn pics a fake smile."You didn't come here just to meet Alex." Ray said"I didn't?" Jeff asked"No, now why teen lesbian orgies did you come here?" Ray asked"Can I talk to you for a minute?" Jeff asked "Alone.""No." Ray replied"Please. Then I'll leave. I promise." Jeff saidRay looked over at me then back sky teen porn at Jeff."Fine." Ray replied and then him and Jeff went outside.****RAY****"What is it?" I asked once I closed the door."Ray, I just came to tell you, that I'm back. And maybe we can start over again." Jeff said"Is that all you wanted to say?" I asked"No, but I'll tell you the rest later on in the future." Jeff said"What do you have teen porn blacks planned?" I asked"Nothing." Jeff replied"Nothing?" I asked "How come I don't believe you?""Oh come on Ray. Stop questioning me like that. How are things going with you petite teen porn amsterdam and Alan?" Jeff said"His name is Alex." I said interrupting him."Fine. How long have you milf underage known Alex?" Jeff asked "A month or two?""So? underage teensex gallery What does that matter?" I asked"That can't possibly be enough time goth teen fuck to underage ru gallery develop a love for him." Jeff said"Why do you care?" I asked"Well, I remember amateur teen pussy how quickly you and I started loving each other. And somthing like that never happens more than once.""Maybe it does." I replied"Most likely it doesn't." Jeff said to me."I'm going underage xxx porn back inside." I said turning to las vegas teen porn leave, then I looked back at Jeff. I naked13underage looked at him with mixed feelings, on one hand I saw the guy that was manipulative and hurtful, but on the other hand I saw the guy I loved for so long."Goodbye Jeff." I saidI walked into my apartment and closed the door.****JEFF****"I'm not going away." I said free underage anime to myself****ALEX****"What was that?" I asked as Ray walked back into the living room."Nothing, it's not important." Ray said then he headed off to his room and closed the door."Okay, well I'm going to go." I said then I grabbed my jacket and left."Hey Alex, can I catch a ride with you?" David asked"Yea, come on." I said"I think we should go to." Sue said then she, Blake, Steve, and Cheryl grabbed their things as well."Tell Ray I'll call him or somthing." I said"You sure you don't want to stay? He may want you here." Larry said"Well, from the way he ignored my teen fuck galleries question and went off to his room I'm guessing he doesn't." I pointed out "I'll call him tomorrow once he cools down."Then I left. David and I were in my car on the freeway now discussing underage video model the chubby teen porn photo nights events."So, his ex shows up. I mean it's not like he wants him." David said"I know. I trust Ray, it's his ex, Jeff, I don't trust." I replied"Well, what do you think he wants?" David asked"I don't know. You were there, you saw just as much as free animal teen porn I saw." I replied "Ray and Jeff discussed somthing privately, but Ray didn't seem black sexy teen porn to keen to share or anything.""You aren't jealous are you?" David asked"No, Jeff is free porn teen library his ex, I'm his current boyfriend. I don't teen cunts think I have anything to worry about." I said"Good." David said"I need to release some stress. We're going to go play basketball." I said then I started driving towards a park."You got a ball?" David asked"Yea, hardcorel teen porn it's in the trunk." I replied****RAY****I was sitting on my bed when Larry came into the room."Alex high school teen porn still underage strip here?" I asked"No, he left." Larry replied"Good." I home porn teen said"Good?" Larry asked "What do you mean by that?""No, I'm not saying good, like I'm glad he's gone. I'm saying good because I'm just not a really friendly guy to be around now." I replied"So, what did Jeff have to say?" Larry asked"I don't know, he just questioned me about Alex. I think he's up to something." I said"Like what?" Larry asked"I don't underaged photo know, maybe he just wants to be friends again. I mean we were friends before we got together." I suggested"Or maybe he wants you back." Larry said"Maybe." I replied"And what would you say to that?" Larry asked"I don't know. I mean he did hurt me alot, but we did love each other." I said"But he did hurt you alot." Larry said"Yea, but that was mainly because I was busy teen booty pics porn so much finishing up school and working." I said"So you're giving him club underage nude an excuse now?" Larry asked "Let me underage sexpix ask you this question Ray. Do you still love Jeff?"****KIRK********THE NEXT DAY**** It was noon, I haven't talked to Ray yet today so I decided to give him nude asain teen picks a call."Hello?" I heard Ray's voice say picking up the phone."Hey, it's me." I said"Who?" Ray asked"Alex." I said"Oh, hey. Sorry about last night." Ray said"It's fine." I anal movie teen replied "So are you going to tell me what Jeff was talking to you about?""It's nothing. It's not important." Ray replied"It's not important?" I asked"No. It's not." Ray said"Well, it was obviously important enough for him to talk to you alone about it." I pointed out"Alex, it's between him and me." Ray said"I see." I said"Alex, don't get mad." polish tiny teen porn Ray said "I hot black teen porn just don't want to talk about it.""All right." I replied"You're mad." Ray said"No, I'm not." I replied"Yes, you are. I can hear it in your voice." Ray said"Ray, we've only been dating a couple of months how can you already tell if I'm mad by the sound of my voice?" I asked "I'm not mad.""Okay." Ray replied "So, do you want to come over tonight?""I can't. I have homework to do." I replied underage nudes girls "I have school tomorrow you know.""Oh, yea. Tomorrow's Monday." Ray said"Well, I have to go." I girl underage art said"But you just called." Ray said"I know, but teen arse fuck I have stuff to do." I replied"I'll call you teen porn dvd film later." Ray said"Sure." I said then hung up. I know that Ray's keeping ukrainian teen porn somthing from me and that's really pissing me off. Looking at the time I realized I had to go to work.****JEFF**** Well, I was bored. Sunday and Ray still hadn't called me yet. So, I decided to go and rent a movie to watch. I went to the video store and was looking for free teen indian porn a good video to watch. free teen blowjob videos Then I looked over at the check out counter and noticed Ray's little boyfriend was barely teen porn pics working it."So, he works here." I said to myself.So, I decided to go up to him.****ALEX****I was putting some tapes back in the boxes when someone came up to me."Alex right?" the voice askedI looked up and saw Jeff standing there."Hello Jeff. What can I help you with?" I asked"Well, I would just like to talk." Jeff said"Now's not really a good time for that. I'm working." I said"I see that. But it's not as if putting videos in boxes takes up all your attention." Jeff ls underage girls said"Okay fine." I underaged teens porn replied"So, you and Ray are a couple?" Jeff asked"Yes." I said"You two love each other?" Jeff asked"That's between ebony teen porn pictures me and him." I said"You're right. I'm sorry." Jeff replied "What about sex?""What about fat teen black porn it?" I asked"Have you two slept together?" Jeff asked"You're incredible." I began "Not that it's any of your bussiness, but no.""Strange." Jeff said"What's that?" I asked"Well, when Ray and I first began dating we first had sex less than a month into our relationship and were saying 'I love you' to each other." Jeff said "And here you underage kidsporn two have been going out for two months and haven't done a thing.""So what's your point?" I asked"Oh, I'm sorry Alex. I didn't mean to make you feel bad. I was just simply implying that teen sex statistics some relationships can click faster then others." teen porn for boys Jeff said then left.****JEFF**** When I got back to my house I realized I didn't even rent a video. Oh well, I had gotten my entertainment for one day. Then I decided to give Ray a call."Hello?" Ray said picking up the phone."Hey Ray. It's me." I said"Hello Jeff." Ray fucking underage pussy said"How are you?" I asked"I've been better." Ray replied"Sorry to hear that." I said "Ray, I want to apologize for last night.""Really?" Ray asked"Yes, of course. I didn't mean to seem cruel teen porn christine or anything. I just really underage sex hentai missed you." I said"I understand." Ray said"And I'll just have to accept exploited teen babysitters porn that you and Alex are together now." I said rolling my eyes."Yes, thank you Jeff." Ray said"But, I would like it if we could be friends." I said"You want to be friends?" Ray teen porn from hemet,california asked"Yes, I know that I have no right to ask this underage nude teenies of teen gay porn gallery you, but I would rather have you as a friend then nothing at all. Please?" I askedRay was quiet for a moment."Please cute teen ass Ray? For all those years we've known each other we can at least be friends." I said"Do you really want that? Or is this just one of your tricks?" Ray replied"I can't believe this. Here, I call and apologize for crashing into the party last night ing underage schoolgirls and I apologize for my behavior. Now I am asking for a teen sex bbs simple friendship and you think this is some kind of trick?" I asked in a hurt tone"I'm sorry." Ray said "You're right. Here you call and apologize and I am accusing you of having somthing up your sleave.""It's all right." I said "I extrem underage pussy know that it will take time for you to completely trust me again.""Actually, I would like it for us to be friends again." extreme teen porn pics Ray said"Really Ray?" I asked"Yea." Ray replied"Do you want to hang out tonight?" I asked"I don't braces glasses teen porn know." Ray said"Come on Ray. We're friends now. We can hang out with out pretty nude underage you having to feel guilty about anything." I said"Well, okay." Ray said "Do you want to come over to my place?""I would really like that." I said"Great. So I'll see you tonight." Ray said"Okay. Bye." I said then we hung up.I sat back in my chair and smiled a little.****ALEX****"You're doing what tonight?" I asked Ray as him and I were talking on young teen slut porn the phone."Alex, don't worry." Ray said"Don't worry?" I asked "Ray, your ex is going to be with you tonight.""Nothing is going to happen." Ray underage blonde nude said"Fine." I said sighing"You know. I can just cancel tonight with Jeff. Since you're underage pix bikini that uncomfortable with it." Ray said"No, then I'll feel bad." I said "Go, have fun.""Are you sure?" Ray asked "I mean, I don't want to upset you in anyway, you mean alot to me.""No, it's fine. Have fun." I said"Okay, thanks." Ray said underage teen porn sitesd "I'll call you.""You better." I said smiling"I will. underage repon Bye" Ray said"Bye." I replied then hung up.****RAY**** Jeff came over and we were sitting down on my couch talking."So you and Alex seem virgin underage rape to be a nice couple." tiny teen porn Jeff said"Yea, he's a great guy." I replied"And how did you two meet?" Jeff asked"Internet." I repliedJeff let out a little laugh."Really? Of all the places to meet a guy." Jeff said"I know, but he's been great." I said"Well, 89 porn teen move if you're lesbian teen fingers happy, then I'm happy as well." Jeff said"Thank topless girls underage you." I replied"Oh Ray, would you mind if I went to go check somthing online real quick?" Jeff asked"Sure no problem." I said going to pale teen porn my computer and signing on to my AOL account. "I'll let you have some privacy, I'm going to go get anal porn teen video something to eat.""All right." Jeff replied****JEFF****I sat down in front of the computer and when Ray was gone I went to look at the screen names on his buddy list. There were a few names, but only one got my attention. Alex1984. underage archive mpeg I located him and interrical teen porn saw he was in a gay chatroom so I decided to go in there as well. When I was in underage cumshots there a couple people said hi to underage squirt porn me. Ray must talk to these people online alot.****ALEX**** When I looked at the chat room I was in I noticed Ray was in there too talking to people. I was about to send him porn mexican teen an IM when a conversation in the chat room caught my attention."So, who here is lookin for some hot fun tonight?" one of the other screen names asked"I am." I saw Ray's screen underage porngirls name reply"You single?" The screen name asked"Yes." Ray replied "But don't tell me boyfriend lol."I hit the sign off button and sat there in my chair in shock. Ray would really do absolute teen porn vids that?****JEFF**** I looked over underage sex nudist at Ray's buddy list and saw Alex sign off, then I signed off the computer black teen ******** as well and smiled to myself...*******************************************************To Be nude teen whores couple teen porn Continued....Hope you are all enjoying it. It's just meant to be a fun, corny story. With any thoughts, suggestions or anything e-mail me big women teen porn at ILJ4EVER44yahoo.com
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